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Boll Weevils are once again invading Enterprise -- however, this time, they won’t be destroying crops or ruining the local economy. As a collaborative community art project in Enterprise, Weevil statues of reinforced fiberglass are decorated in various ways, selected by the statues' sponsors, and placed at various outdoor locations around the city.  Both visitors and locals are invited to stop and admire the colorful Boll Weevils and take photos any time they happen upon them.

Alfab Boll Weevil

TJ Weevil

Wayne The Weevil

Chef Al Fredo Weevil

_Angel of Light_

Mayor Weevil

T_W Ortho Weevi

Dr. Weevil & Nurse Julie Weevi

Toria Weevil Bubbling Babies

Officer B. Weevil

Pillbert Weevil

Bryan Weevil

Wilson Weevil

Super Weevil

Nellie the Negotiator

Farmer Bo Weevil

Home-er Weevil

Firefighter Higbee

Wattsworth Weevil


Cam_ Weevil

DW Weevil Revised

William Bo_ Weevil

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